Jessica Northcutt, Tutor
Jessica Northcutt, Tutor

"she now has the tools to succeed."


"She has a way of making learning fun."

"As a mother, it hurts my heart when I see my kids struggling at anything they do. Especially when it comes to their education. My daughter has had a hard time with her reading since she was in kindergarten. For about a year I felt deeply sadden, thinking I had done something wrong or somehow failed at being a great mother because my daughter was behind her peers on a reading level. Knowing how mean kids can be when it comes to teasing others, I spent many nights crying and praying for my child. After she was diagnosed with dyslexia, we were able to come up with a plan. I knew that our daughter would need a tutor for many years with her schooling. We have been through lots of tutors. Trying to find someone who can teach the skills and confidence that she needed was extremely important to me. Not only has Jessica made a huge difference in my child's life, she has also made a difference in my life and my relationship with my daughter. I used to get so frustrated when trying to help her with homework. She really needed someone who could teach her the way her brain would understand. My daughter used to dread seeing tutors and she felt like every summer was taken away because she had to work with a teacher nonstop. But Jessica changed everything about that. Jessica was able to teach all that was needed in a session or two per week and she still felt like she had a life outside of school. My child just loves Jessica so much. She has a way of making learning fun. We are blessed to not only call her "the tutor", but she has also become our friend."

-Jada and DeAngelo Hall 


"Highly recommend!!"

"Jessica is knowledgeable about dyslexia and is an amazing, well-trained Orton-Gillingham (OG) tutor who is an Associate member of the Academy. She understands these students and provides solid tutoring for children with dyslexia. She doesn't promise a quick fix because there is no quick fix when working with dyslexics (you should stay away from someone who promises a quick fix or cure). What she provides is a consistent and structured environment for these kids. Highly recommended!!"

-Heidi Bishop
Past President International Dyslexia Association (South Carolina)


"...such a blessing to our family."

"Mrs Jessica is such a blessing to our family. My son was unable to learn letters and sounds in the several years he was in preschool. After being diagnosed with dyslexia we started Orton-Gillingham tutoring and in less than 2 month my son now knows his letters and the sounds and has started to even read simple books! What a blessing to us! He has been given such a confidence boost with this tutoring!"

-CarrieAnne and Josh Rowan


"Jessica is hands down the best tutor EVER."

"Jessica is hands down the best tutor EVER. When my daughter started with Jessica, she struggled with anxiety over reading anything. Jessica gained her trust, and now, they are best buds! Jessica was able to give Kate the skills she needed to read, now she loves reading. I cannot imagine where we would be with Ms Jessica! Kate has gained so much more than just reading. Kate believes she can hard things now! That is priceless!"

-Heather Dantier


"His academic confidence increased tremendously."

"The transformation my child made was amazing.  He started as a frustrated student whose anxiety manifested itself as anger.  He felt misunderstood and inferior to other students.  Through the tutoring sessions, he was able to learn in the way his brain was meant to learn.  His academic confidence increased tremendously, and he discovered that he was actually a bright student and a fast learner. Having specialized tutoring with someone who understands the challenges your child is facing, is priceless!"

-Ashley Tremblay


"I finally do NOT feel lost and helpless..."

"I knew in the preschool years that my twins were struggling with basic letter recognition.  During the kindergarten through early second grade years, reading and writing became a struggle.  All of the teacher conference meetings were the same...I have concerns, teachers have concerns, we'll try early intervention classes, possibly "maturity."  Thankfully with the help of their supportive teachers, by mid-third grade year, the twins were separately and formally evaluated by their school.  Based on the full psychological evaluation the school psychologist did on each of my children, we found out that they both had a phonological weakness and were below grade level expectations for for reading.  Soon after the evaluations, I had 2 separate conversations with 2 different moms who had children struggling with dyslexia, and they BOTH referred me to Ms. Jessica.  They individually said their kids loved Ms. Jessica, she made it fun, and the results were phenomenal.  On day 1, I knew Ms. Jessica had a gift.  She had an immediate connection with my twins.  We are now in our 5th month, and each twin has a systematic and individualized tutoring plan in place.  Each session is structures, and they always come out with a smile. We have only been tutoring with Ms. Jessica for 5 months, but they have each made great progress already.  They have gone up 2-3 levels in reading.  Not only are they reading higher level books, but their fluency has increased as well.  They no longer guess at words, instead they use the techniques they have learned in tutoring to sound out the words.  I have noticed an improvement in their spelling as well.  They know how to break words down sound by sound, and put them back together again.  Their confidence has soared.  As for my confidence, I finally do not feel lost and helpless trying to figure out how to help my twins.  I truly feel like I'm getting my children the exact help and attention that they need and deserve to be successful in school and beyond."

-Amanda Rothwell


"She has flourished under Jessica's tutelage."

"We have been tutoring with Jessica for over 2 years.  Our daughter is not dyslexic, but she is delayed in reading and writing.  She has really flourished under Jessica's tutelage.  She was feeling discouraged and frustrated when we started tutoring.  Now she is motivated.  Her teachers rave about how hard she works at school now.  We see improvement every day.  We are so lucky we found Jessica.  We love her!"

-Erin Bryant


"...she now has the tools to succeed."

"Jessica is great with kids.  She had my daughter back on track in no time, and with the confidence she needed.  She knows she will struggle all her life, but she now has the tools to succeed!"

-Marie Maties


"...her personality, and ability to connect with and motivate kids is phenomenal!"

"When we came to see Jessica we were frustrated and hoping for answers. In our first meeting with Jessica at the assessment, I knew we were now on the path to better reading and learning! Jessica is very knowledgeable about reading/learning challenges and the methods to help each child. She provides a customized, comprehensive approach for each child. She has a very hands on, colorful approach to learning which is perfect for kids. Also, she has ways to assess and track progress. I loved seeing (in print) exactly where my child was, what the challenges were, AND how she had improved. She also gave homework (which never felt like homework) to reinforce what she was learning. She is very personable, and her passion for helping kids is oozing out of her. Lastly, I will say that her personality, and ability to connect with and motivate kids is phenomenal! My daughter LOVES her time with Mrs. Jessica. She would go to her every day if she could. My daughter always liked to read, but was very challenged by it and very slow. Within months, I saw her love for reading skyrocket. She became a better student, and I didn't have to help as much with school work. Listening to my daughter read a year later, is night and day. It brings such a joy to hear and see how far she has come with Jessica and Orton-Gillingham tutoring. I HIGHLY reccomend!"

-Ayeshia Webster


"I can say without hesitation, that Jessica changed our lives."


"Jessica is an experienced and well-respected Orton-Gillingham (OG) tutor. Jessica loves what she does and is excellent at it. She has years of experience successfully teaching children with dyslexia to not only read, but to LOVE reading. Many teachers and tutors will say they have been OG trained but most will only have received the most basic OG training. Jessica is an Associate of the OG Academy. This means that she has received extensive training and practice. On top of that, she has years of experience teaching children both in a classroom setting and as a tutor. I can say, without hesitation, that Jessica changed our lives. My daughter was officially diagnosed with dyslexia at the end of 2nd grade. The strain of trying desperately to read and keep up with her peers was beginning to break the confidence of our sweet little girl. For 3rd grade, we enrolled Grace in a new school and she had the great fortune of having Jessica for a teacher. Orton-Gillingham is a proven method for teaching dyslexics (or anyone for that matter) to read and with Jessica as her guide, Grace’s reading skills quickly improved and by the end of the year, she was on or close to a 3rd grade reading level. And just as importantly, she had her confidence back. Grace is now in the 6th grade, is an avid reader and gets straight A’s in school. Grace will tell you she loved having Jessica as a teacher because Jessica made learning fun and it was never boring. I love Jessica for those reasons too but also because she fully believed in my child and knew how to both encourage and challenge her."

- Simmy Niolon and Rachel Kachur